Mikro e.V. Verein zur Förderung von Medienkulturen in Berlin 
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tel: 0177 225 37 97, fax: 030 2821867
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trax tv (Ulrich Gutmair / Martin Conrads) 
Tilman Baumgärtel - digital dub 
Natascha Sadr Haghighian - Taschenmusik 
Manuela Krause - new electronica 

as well as surprise eggs 

*NEW* for all friends of electronic music who also enjoy listening to the radio and live near Berlin Mitte - the unbeliev- able has come true: since February 1, 1999 ---> TWENFM from 6 pm to 2 am on 95.1 MHZ.

For everyone else, Giovanni Telegra- fista sings on the occasion of the end of telegraphy this year: RIS. 

mikro.lounge #12: "one year of mikro"
the birthday party

Wednesday, 3 March 1999, 20:00 Uhr 
WMF, Johannisstr. 19, Berlin-Mitte 


To celebrate mikro's birthday, mikro offers itself and you a content-free party. 100% Socializing! 100% Sound!

                                                  Diana McCarty, Andreas Broeckmann

Ellen Nonnenmacher                                    Martin Conrads, Tilman Baumgärtel

Volker Grassmuck