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10. "Intellectual Property" and Public Domain   

Sabine Nuss, Lydia Heller, "Intellectual Property Rights and Intellectual Property Left - the Case of the operating system Linux", in: Altvater, E.; Prunskiene, K. (Hrsg.): Intellectual Property Rights in Central and Eastern Europe, Amsterdam u.a., 1998 


Greenpeace International's Genetic Engineering Campaign (Homepage) 

Thomas Schweiger, Patenting life (Greenpeace European Unit - April 1999) 
"It is no secret that the biotech industries, which are manipulating plants, animals and even the 
human genome, are using gene technology to try to gain total control not only over their own 
"creations" - the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) - but quite simply over the planet's genetic 
heritage itself. "Genes are the currency of the future", a leading executive of a giant pharmaceutical 
company once said. And whoever controls this currency, controls the future." 

Gentechnik - kein Mittel gegen den Hunger?  
Ein Bericht warnt vor den Auswirkungen gentechnisch veränderten Saatguts und der Terminatortechnik in den Entwicklungsländern, Florian Rötzer in Telepolis, 10.05.99   

Seeds of Discord, by Rick Weiss, Washington Post Staff Writer, Wednesday, February 3, 1999  



Richard Stallman's GNU Project  = Free Software Foundation 
The GNU Project started in 1984 to develop a complete free Unix-like operating system. Variants of the GNU system, using Linux as the kernel, are now widely used; though often called ``Linux'', they are more accurately called GNU/Linux systems. The first test release of ``the'' GNU system, using the GNU Hurd as the kernel, was made in August 1996.     
Richard Stallman, The GNU Operating System and the Free Software Movement, in: Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution, O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. 1999 
Richard Stallman, FREE SOFTWARE AND BEYOND (paper given at INFOethics '98, Ethical, Legal and Societal Challenges of Cyberspace, organized by UNESCO, Principality of Monaco, 1-3 October 1998)  

Richard Stallman, Why Software Should Not Have Owners (Updated: 10 Apr 1999) 

Stefan Krempl, Software muß frei sein! Interview mit Richard Stallman (Telepolis 19.05.99) 
same in English: Keep it free! Interview with Richard Stallman (Telepolis 04.05.99) 

The IP Industry  

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Florian Rötzer, Mein Eigentum sei auch dein Eigentum. Das geistige Eigentum wird angeeignet, doch die Verantwortung läßt Yahoo beim Besitzer einer GeoCities-Homepage (Telepolis 29.06.99) 

Software Patents campaigning against EU plans to legalize software patents in Europe  
The European Parliament: Resolution on the Commission Green Paper on the Community patent and the patent system in Europe: Promoting innovation through patents, Minutes of 19/11/98 - Final Edition   

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