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Wizards of OS 3
Mission Accomplished -- Towards New Goals

international conference at the
Berliner Congress Centrum
June 10-12, 2004


WOS 3 showcases projects of free software and free knowledge. Many that at WOS 2 were still a promise have grown into valuable resources. Free software, indeed, was just the beginning.

Organizied by: wos e.V. i.Gr. & AG Computer Science and Society of Humboldt University Berlin

Partners: mikro e.V. · Netzwerk Neue Medien · Open Society Institute Budapest, Information Program · LIVE Linux-Verband · Berliner Unix User Group (BUUG) · Sarai, Neu Delhi · Chaos Computer Club







Wizards of OS 2
-- Open Cultures & Free Knowledge --

at the
House of World Cultures Berlin
October 11-13, 2001

The documentation of the Wizards of OS 2 will continue until all transcripts are available. The panel videos are online. Stay tuned.


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There is creativity even without total control.
(Lawrence Lessig)

Free Software was an eye-opener. It proved that freedom, openness and community work. Which is even more surprising since this was established in the very area of technology that forms the core of the digital "knowledge society" and, as such, is the battlefield for fierce competition. With our eyes now open, it has become clear that open contributory knowledge cultures and community-based innovation can be found most anywhere in law and genetics, in journalism and in the arts. WOS 2 invites representatives of these cultures to Berlin to talk about cooperation and tools, the legal position of informational common goods, different software cultures, security, an open and open source e-government and governance, and a possible future beyond capitalism.

While the first WOS conference in July 1999 focussed on surveying free software and its practical applications, the WOS 2 will center around the changes in the conditions of intellectual creation of any kind, the mediation of its results and their collaborative continued development. In the "knowledge society", questions of the production, distribution, archiving and reception of software-based knowledge enter center stage. It is precisely this set of topics the WOS 2 want to address.

"To defend the freedom of knowledge is probably the most important task facing us in the future," said Prof. Dr. Norbert Szyperski, a leading micro-economist, at the Wizards of OS 1. The WOS 2 want to take up this challenge and give impulses for an open culture of free knowledge.




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WOS-panel "Free Software Metropolis Berlin?" at the BerlinBeta, on Agust 31st

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