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Noch ist Siesta, doch bald öffnet hier die mikro.bar mit ihren vulkanischen Anregungsmitteln ihre Rolläden. In der Mittagspause, nach der Arbeit oder auch sonst lädt sie zu einem kleinen Schwätzchen. Hier wird der neuste Klatsch aus der Nachbarschaft ausgetauscht. Kaffeehausliteraten halten Hof. Man kann ungestört am Tresen sitzen und dem Geplapper der Stadt lauschen. 

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    Resources on the Culture of Mailinglists und Newsgroups 

    David S. Bennahum: The Hot New Medium Is ... Email (Wired  6.04 - Apr 1998) 
    The proud owner of the mailinglist Meme retells the story of the medium from its inception in the mid-1960s time-sharing system CTSS to a general taxonomy of lists.   

    From Ronda & Michael Hauben's "Netizen's Netbook" 
    The Evolution of Usenet: The Poor Man's ARPANET (Ch. 2) 
    The Social Forces Behind the Development of Usenet (Ch. 3) 
    The World of Usenet (Ch. 4) 
    Cybernetics, Time-sharing, Human-Computer Symbiosis and On-line Communities: Creating a Supercommunity of On-lline Communities (on CTSS and Project MAC. Ch. 6) 



    noun: a person who speaks, makes arrangements, or takes charge for another.  From Italian maggiordomo or Spanish mayordomo, both from Medieval Latin "major domus" - "chief of the house". (Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology)  

    Majordomo is a community-supported Open Source "groupware" project. It has evolved from the initial code base done by Brent Chapman <brent@greatcircle.com>, with further maintenance done by John Rouillard <rouilj@cs.umb.edu>. The current Majordomo maintainer is Chan Wilson <cwilson@sgi.com>. 

    D. Brent Chapman: Majordomo: How I Manage 17 Mailing Lists Without Answering "-request" Mail (compressed PostScript file) 
    The story of Majordomo, currently the most popular & Open Source listserver on the Internet, as told by its author, who in 1992 had to postmaster 17 mailinglists for SAGE (the System Administrators Guild, a USENIX Special Technical Group).  

    The chapter about Majordomo from the Nutshell Handbook "Managing Internet Information Services," written by Jerry Peek. (c) Copyright 1994 by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. 

    The Majordomo-FAQ.